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The origins of the domestic apple

Courtesy of Jon Carpenter, something a bit different, a podcast on the origins of the domesticated apple. It's a beautiful reading as well as fascinating listening.

'From the Yangtze Valley, to Neolithic Mesopotamia, to the orchards of Oxford, Roger Deakin sought to understand the origins of the domesticated apple. His essay East of Eden—an excerpted chapter from his book Wildwood: A Journey Through Trees—recounts his journey into the wild fruit forests that grow on the mountainsides of Kazakhstan. After Roger’s death in 2006, Robert Macfarlane planted a sapling grown from an apple seed that Roger carried home. As ‘Roger’s tree’ now fruits in his yard, Robert collects the pips to distribute to others, envisioning a “worldwide wildwood of memory-trees.” This essay is narrated by Robert Macfarlane.'

It's on Spotify as well as Apple Podcasts, or check the Emergence Magazine website.

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