Charlbury Garden Society

Peter Bridgman (1933–2020)

26th March 2020


John Moore (left) and Peter Bridgman (right). Photo taken at Charlbury Street Fair.

Peter was born on the 13th June 1933. He grew up in London and was evacuated to Wales when he was seven or eight years old where he lived on a farm, and loved it! Here, his love of nature was ignited.

After leaving school, he went to work as an apprentice at Regent's Park. He then worked at Kew Gardens. He went on to become an adviser for the old Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, advising market gardeners in particular.

Gardening for him was not merely a job but a lifelong passion. In retirement, he continued to tend the garden he had created from scratch on Lees Heights and to run a productive allotment at Elmstead (Poole's Lane). He loved growing fruit, vegetables and flowers for exhibition. Dahlias and sweet peas were particular favourites. He relished the challenge of growing difficult plants from seed or cuttings. How many gardeners can claim 70 years of gardening experience?

He is remembered as a gentle, cultured, good-humoured man. He took great care of his wife, Audrey. They were intrepid travellers taking off to folk dance meet-ups in their camper van, or off into mainland Europe for holidays. He was an active member of the Stonesfield folkdance group. Classical music was also a keen interest.

Many of us have plants donated by Peter in our gardens and homes. Gardens which we have come to appreciate more than ever in these difficult times. He helped to make Charlbury a more lovely place.

The knowledge Peter shared and the plants he grew for us all to buy are a lasting memory of a kind and generous man.

He passed away on the 26th March 2020 after contracting Corona Virus.