Charlbury Garden Society

Corner House Garden Makeover

20th June 2021

Work has started! Read on...

Earlier in the year, the Charlbury Garden Society and the Corner House Committee agreed that the Corner House Garden could do with a makeover so that it attracts more users.

Now work on the long border behind the Corner House has started!

In the capable hands of Hugh Belshaw and his team of willing workers it is going to be a lovely space.

The flowerbed has been cleared, edged and composted. The first batch of plants, jointly funded by the Garden Society and the Corner House Committee, was delivered on Monday 7th June, promptly followed by a planting session. A second batch arrived on Thursday 17th, and planting took place in between the (many) showers. Which means that the main planting is now done, leaving just a few gaps to fill in later on as necessary.

Volunteers to help with maintenance or watering welcome!

Look out for Hugh’s posts on the Charlbury Forum. He is keen to involve as many volunteers as possible, so do come along to a session if you can. For those interested in the exact planting plans, Susan Dunstall’s wonderful design is on the board outside the Memorial Hall.

Do join Hugh or send him contact details if you would like to help later on (Hugh Belshaw 01608 810130).

Corner House Bed4.jpg