Charlbury Garden Society

Virtual Flower & Produce Show

Although this year the gardeners of the town will not be able to show off their excellent growing skills by packing a room full of their bounty, the show is to go virtual!

12 Sep 2020

Here’s how it works. There are 6 categories:

  1. The tallest sunflower
  2. The largest vegetable
  3. The longest vegetable
  4. The funniest/oddest shaped vegetable
  5. A perfect flower
  6. The tallest hollyhock

Take a full resolution photograph and send it as an email attachment to The deadline is September 12th, the scheduled date of the Annual Show. This is open to all ages. Don’t forget to add any measuring devices in the photo, or state the measurements taken, plus your own name and location. While you may have to wait for the vegetables, there are flowers now that are begging to have their picture taken.

There will be no prizes, but we’ll post the photos so everyone can enjoy the results.